Medeology Collective
'Shifting Ground - Redux'

12/09 - Art Basel – Miami-09: 'Shifting Ground - Redux' and 'Deserted Storm' – Two day Live Video Performance Installations – ARTery, Sculpt Miami, Miami, USA.

Medeology Collective

'Shifting Ground' and 'Deserted Storm' are multiple real‐time projection video installations made for ARTery, Sculpt Miami at Art Basel Miami.

The overall effect of the work is an illusionistic myriad of shifting earths. The installation is a manipulation of video projections, animations and video footage which bring to life the screen globes or ‘ground’ in this case. The illusion of a virtual or simulacral ground was created.

Why is the sublime and the picturesque the contemporary mood of a disaster culture? Imagery of the Apocalypse and Armageddon has become the fitting genre of our times. The work evokes feelings of awe, freedom, insecurity, groundlessness, catastrophe, ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’? Crashing stock markets, real-estate collapse, hurricanes and earthquakes come to mind, as well as the possibility of survival and hope. This can be read as metaphors of natural, social, economic and political disaster and the zeitgeist of contemporary America.

'Deserted Storm' was a digital wall collage, or bri-collage mural.  The urban environment and socially commentary was aimed at drivers as they passed by.  Personal and global catastrophe, surveillance and social control as well as more humerus messages overlaped in a digital graffiti urban mural.