Medeology Collective
Medeology Collective
‘Reflexion Pool’ was a live performance audio-visual work directly inspired by the improvisational approach of the Free Jazz movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s, that utilizes the aesthetics of electronic sound art and live video performance.

The work placed great emphasis of abandoning conventional techniques of song structure as well as elemental notions of music such as melody and chord change. The work is related to Musique Concrete and sound art while employing the spirit of improvisation and ‘living in the moment.’

In this spirit The Medeology Collective undertook unconventional hardware and software techniques as well as placing a greater emphasis on every member of the collective creating a soundtrack organically within live video performance paradigms.

The collective used primarily game controllers such as Midi guitars (You Rock midi Guitars and Guitar Hero) and keytars and interfaced them with both video and audio generation/synthesis programs simultaneously. The audio and video was mixed – as were the instruments in any musical group – but because the visuals were being spontaneously created with the audio, the visuals were combined by being projected together in a single area from 3 projectors, so they mixed and overlapped just as sound does.

In addition, the reference to ‘Visual Music’ as an art form was explored by the collective, using audio-activated and modulated masks and effects, the imagery responded to the audio produced by itself – giving specific clips and sequences visual ‘behavior’ as a result of their specific audio tracks. This ‘assisted living’ behavior along with the performers individual decisions explored a combination of procedural yet organic improvisational Visual Music.The performance consisted of the 4 members of the collective, all of whom generated audio.

‘RefleXion Pool’

3/3/2012 Pulse: Art and Technology Festival, Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah
Visuals: McClung, Gladman, Imperato
Audio: Akers, McClung, Gladman, Imperato

Photos and Video: Maggie Samons and Steve Ward