Medeology Collective

11/12/2011 'Re-Con-txt', Live Media Performance - Installation at SECAC 2011  Savannah, USA

Medeology Collective

For the closing night of the 2011 SECAC events at Savannah College of Art and Design, the collective created a work based on the theme of the conference 'Text and Texture', we developed this using textures of re-contextualized imagery with juxtapositions of writing.  The interesting result was how effectively the text changed the meaning of the imagery in the mode of a live 'anchorage', a mechanism which Roland Barthes theorized in 'Image-Music-Text'.  Also, since 'Frameworks of Memory' at Inlight in Richmond, we have started to develop formation based work in which we share our video and present it all at once in more unified and structural ways. The composite effect of this has proven to be very effective and powerful. In between these structures we continued to improvise in a call and response fashion similar to visual Jazz.

'Re-Con-txt' - Longer Video
'Re-Con-txt' - Shorter Text Sequences
Visuals: Mcclung, Gladman and Imperato
Audio: Akers