Medeology Collective

The Medeology Collective created a live video installation for Pulse 2010: Art and Technology week called Going (Now) here. The work was set in the context of the alleyway road dissecting and going under the Jepson center for the Arts, Savannah. It was a meditation on the condition of traveling but never getting to a destination. The audience was taken on a journey to nowhere. The journey or process was an important part of the installation. Along the way strange events happened. The local Savannah cyclist club passed through the space as did a random crowd of twenty partying youths who danced to the sound-scape. Architectural projection on the road, traffic signs and the semiotics of signals were mixed and performed live onto the audience. The work focused on 'being there' but without a sense of location. The audience was in a state of urban dislocation, but had fun while they playfully drifted with no planned route. Going (Now) here was journey to no place but also an imaginary road where anything could happen.

The audio and video performance artist Mathew Akers created the sound with his bicycle. An LED graphics display on his wheels and the sampling of a playing card attached to his spokes was processed and controlled via midi.

Videographer: James Allen:
Audio: Mathew Akers
Visualists: Kelley McClung, Jim Gladman, Alessandro Imperato

Thank you to Stage Front of Savannah for their sponsorship of equipment and support.

'Going (Now) here'

1/2010: Jepson Center for the Arts