Medeology Collective

'Cadavre Exquis: Remix'

9/30/2011: Flux - Atlanta

'Cadavre Exquis: Remix at Flux - Atlanta, USA.

This work was a site-specific video performance event based on the Surrealist parlor game 'Exquisite Corpse', rather like a digital Frankenstein. The installation mixed live media footage with images of the heads, torsos and legs of the show's audience to create bizarre large scale projected figures on the walls of Castleberry Point..

We continued to develop the Exquisite Corpse collective video project at Flux - 2011, by remixing and adding to the 'monster'.  As the show developed we realized that we had brought the Surrealist game full circle back to bringing the 'corpses' to life. Through animation or 're-animation' the work continued to intrigue and capture audiences as they interacted and played while being mixed in our bizarre media world.  Sometimes people would realize the clips were humerus and mischievous and try to escape, at other times they carried on and had fun.  This is what we call 'artitainment'  in the mixing of hi-low culture which involved creating interesting social commentaries and connections.

Visuals: Mccclung, Gladman and Imperato

Matthew Haddock