Artist's Bios

Kelley McClung

Kelley McClung is an installation artist, designer of lighting, and scenic environments. She has been producing time-based media installations and production designs since the late 80’s. Her work has been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, Paris, France, Shanghai, China, and productions or projects in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, NY, and numerous other US and International cities.  Kelley is the Chair of Foundation Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

In 2000 she created P.I.G. (Performance Installation Group) in Savannah, GA. Prof. McClung has received several fellowships including a Kennedy Center Lighting Fellowship in 2002. She is a Designer and Faculty member at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has a MFA in Lighting and Scenic Design from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and a BFA in Fine Arts with emphasis in Sculpture from Transylvania University.

Her work can be viewed at:

James Gladman

James Gladman is an artist, designer and musician working primarily in time-based electronic media. His music videos and video art installations have been exhibited and published internationally. As a long-time collaborator with the experimental cut-up culture-jammers Negativland, Gladman created three ‘music videos’ for the group.

His video art addresses ‘collective subtexts’ in commercial culture that await decoding via anarcho-structuralist sensibilities and ritual/-meta-programming techniques, in order to uncover aspects of a media-constructed consensus Id.

Gladman taught at, and was instrumental in integrating electronic mediums across artistic disciplines at Cranbrook Academy of Art. While at Cranbrook, Gladman was a designer/collaborator for the office of groundbreaking graphic designers P.Scott and Laurie Makela.

James Gladman is currently professor of Motion Media at Savannah College of Art and Design. His work can be viewed at:

Alessandro Imperato

Alessandro is a digital media artist and theorist in art history, visual culture and media theory. His imagery draws heavily on Brechtian themes of ‘making strange’ settled signs, meanings and narratives. His work is particularly concerned with media mythology in the post-cold war context of rising political and cultural repression and regulation.

Alessandro is a cross-media practitioner and is also an experienced performer in live digital video, which involves performing in real-time installations and public venues from clubs to art galleries. His practice can be described as digital media montage. The artwork is intended to intervene in the mediations between reality and representation.

Dr. Imperato is a Professor of Motion Design, Digital Arts and Media Theory at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta. His work can be viewed at:

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